Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Engaging Entertaining Trolls

I know we have discussed this a lot in Groupthink, but some trolls I kind of enjoy. There are some that are quasi-satire, and some that are just too silly to take seriously. For my example, I would like to point out T180_CAIDIS. A lot of people have flagged him as a troll, but he is at least a dick hole as he is silly. On my personal scale of trolls, he ranks about a 6 of 8 foreskins caught in pajama pants. He is so over the top he may be suffering some sort of mental illness, which isn't okay for us to be joking about, I guess. Anyway, out of all the brain dead MRA zombies that invade our space, at least its sometimes refreshing to find a fun one.


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