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Enjoy the process - tips needed

A while ago I read this article :

Something about it has kept bobbing around in my brain. We all know that in order to get good at something, to reach a goal, we have to do the work. A bit every day if at all possible. But sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the day to day work when it falls short of that goal you have in mind. Sometimes that can make it all the more disappointing and demotivating. 


Boobieguy and I have been talking about this topic a lot since it’s on both of our minds, for him it’s music. For me it’s my drawing and getting well. This second one is a bit trickier then the first. Because although I could just crank out more drawings and practice, practice, practice, in order to get well and recover from my burnout I need to do things I explicitly enjoy doing. I need to do something that’ll give me joy every single day (if at all possible). But every day I dream of my goal (being well enough to work, go on vacation, draw for hours, write for hours, be with my friends in loud places, all these things!) but I don’t much enjoy the boredom of ‘getting enough rest’ or trying out the care packages my mom or mil gave me (I don’t actually know how to knit mom but thanks for this knit-a-bunny set...) or drawing things (my #1 energy giver go-to-thing) that don’t live up to my expectations and therefor disappoint me and make me not want to try again.

The answer seems obvious: I need to enjoy what I do more, so that I can eventually achieve my end goal. Not only as a means to get to my end goal, but also just to be able to enjoy what I do every day! But how does one do that?

So, as per usual, I turn to you! Do you have any resources, articles, books, anything I could read that can help me to enjoy this process more than I do and stop focussing on the end goal?

PS. I meditate for like... 45 minutes a day right now (I’m actually on my way to mindfulness class right now..) and that really doesn’t help at all. In fact it bores the sh*t out of me but it’s supposed to help me ‘live in the now’ and whatnot. I just started 2 weeks ago so.... maybe it’ll catch on if I stick with it? (I was enjoying meditation way more when I was doing Headspace then this stuff strangely enough) -end rant-

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