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Enjoying the Eclipse

Last night I headed up to a reservoir near where I live to do some stand-up paddlboarding and watch the full moon lunar eclipse. My coworker invited me. We met in town below the reservoir, then drove up together because his buddy apparently likes to drive fast and I was being a bit more cautious because I had a paddleboard strapped to the top of my car.

We got there, got on the water, and paddled out. The three of us (me, coworker, his friend) floated, drank beer, and watched the eclipse slowly change the moon from a beautiful silver to a dark red. We then paddled back to land, grilled some veggies and ate s’mores. Once the moon was back out again, we paddled back out onto the water. The moon was so bright, the clouds were the pretty stippled kind that let light through while making the sky look amazing. Then the clouds cleared out and we just hung out on the water, under the moon and stars. Coworker’s friend was there for part of the time, but sometimes he’d paddle away and it’d just be coworker and I. We talked. Back on land, we talked more. We just hung out and it was easy and fun.

At the end of the night, I drove him back to his car. We said goodbye. I gave him a hug, he sort of gave me a kiss on the cheek/neck area, and we parted ways. Again, we didn’t kiss. But the night was so completely amazing anyway.


Here are some pics taken by coworker. First one is me (on the shore) and friend, second one is just me.

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