Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Update: I did not get the linens, which was cool because it was way more than I wanted to spend... but neither did she! Someone outbid her with a minute to go! It was glorious!

My day of being “unplugged” isn’t working out, so I’ll return in a couple of hours for your follow up linen questions :-P


of slowly and systematically up-bidding an old homophobic woman who wants her hands on vintage linens. I stopped wanting them about $13 ago, but it’s a facebook auction group and my picture is celebratory and her’s is a snotty picture about how you can change the law, but you can’t change God’s word. Her beliefs are her own, but she’s a bigot and she should pay more for her vintage linens! Even if she dumps them on me, I will over-pay and enjoy the fact that she had to take time out of her hate-filled day and watch my picture to see if I bid again.

Pro-bidders in the house? I’m allowed to up-bid myself and I feel she’s going to snipe last minute on this. The anger is strong in me and I’m down to ruin the morning of a grump.

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