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Welcome To The Bitchery

We went to my favorite grocery story. I went over to the dairy section for a 16 ounce 1% bottle of Chocolate Milk. Then I went to the sample booth, ugh meatless teriyaki with rice, it was not horrible teriyaki sauce on rice does not go together it had some green sprinkles too.

Nothing on sale I wanted in the bakery so I decided to get pizza. Abslice they sell one quarter of a 19 inch pizza for $2.99 with one topping. So the pizza guy was taking out a fresh pizza from the oven and I asked what topping was on it. He said meatball so I said I will buy a slice.


He cut it, sliced the slice in half its too big otherwise and placed it in a small pizza box. I went to the Cafeteria Counter and paid.

I then went to sit down. What did I see? A man finishing his meal reading a newspaper. I thought “please god leave it here”. I immediately raced for the table as he was leaving without the newspaper. Yay lucky day.


I sat down again. I got a good booth that I could clearly read the tv. The tv is always on CNN except when a Boston team is playing and it has sound off closed captions on. My lucky day.

Behind me was a booth with a man in his fifties and a little girl no more then five.


I first heard when it showed on CNN FEMA would run out of money by Saturday.

Gramps said “this nation is run by fascists who don’t know how to run itMy grandfather, your ancestor, signed up to fight the fascists.”


She asked “whats fascists?”

He said “bad people”

So I continued eatng, drinking my 1% chocolate milk, reading the newspaper and glancing at the news. Seriously the local newspaper is so worthless most of the time.


I then heard when Trump was shown.

Gramps:.”George Bush was a fascist. He conspired for 9/11 to happen. His grandfather Prescott worked with Fascists”.


Gramps continued “Trump beat Clinton and she was not entitled to the White House since Clintons had it for 8 years.”

I wanted to bang my head against the table at these sections.

I then heard the little girl who was no more then five ask “Clinton lost?”

I realized she was paying attention.

Gramps said “She was very bad like Adolph Hitler”

I wanted to hit my head against my table again and scream shut up.

The little girl asked “Who was Adolph Hitler”

Gramps said “A very, very bad man”.

So my mother came and sat across from me she had a sip of my 1% Chocolate Milk and took part of the crusty part of the pizza. Plus read the paper.


Then I heard this gem from gramps: “Lawyers from Yale and Harvard run the country”. No idea why he said it.

She asked “whats that”.

If he said this calmly I would not care so much she probably understood almost nothing. Why I care was as time progressed he sounded more bitter and angry. Both of which she could have picked up on easily.


Also at that age they so easily misinterprete things. Well maybe in this case it would be better since it cannot be much worse.

First whoever is raising her she used who and what correctly. Not sure at her age I would haven’t have mixed them up.


So I heard them leave. I looked back the table especially her side was a mess. I went back to finishing the slice of meatball pizza and drinking my 1% Chocolate Milk.Yes its been 30 minutes. You try reading a paper, listen to a conversation, read the tv, eat pizza and drink !% Chocolate Milk in less time.

I then heard them come back. I thought “oh god more angry idiotic political rants” I turned he had a cloth and a cup of water. He told her “this table needs to be clean for the next people”. He had her clean her side of the table including washing it.


Ok part of me says “good lesson on responsibility and courtesy for next customer”. Part of me says “she is too young to wipe down a table even her half every other parent or grandparent does it for them”.

Yet he talked about politics in an angry way besides stupid way.

I can remember in the first grade hating the British. Why? They used to own the nation and people fought and were killed for our freedom. I totallly did not grasp how long ago it was. Yes that belief was stupid but also based on not understanding time and distant in time. What is she picking up and learning?


The pizza and drink was good. Newspaper was not. So as Meatloaf would say “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad”. Of course even though gramps annoyed me I still got a post out of it. I felt sorry for the child though. I wonder if he is like this all the time.

My mother who is hard of hearig could not make out what he was saying. She sat across from me at the booth. My back was right behind them.

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