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Seriously, I dream I'm pregnant ALL. THE. TIME. And it needs to STAHP.

IRL, I don't want kids and the idea of being pregnant/having children terrifies me. But in my dreams, I'm all happy about this shit. Like "oh yay I'm gonna be a MOM!" NO. NONONO.

There's also never a father in my dreams. I don't know if I just asexually reproduce or I just don't give a shit, but a father is never even a thought when I dream I'm pregnant. I'm just pregnant. With a human baby thing.


And I'm always like REALLY pregnant, too! Like about to pop the thing out pregnant.

WHAT THE FUCK. My friend's theory is that since I'm on the pill, it's fucking with my hormones and giving me these dreams. But I only started having them maybe within the past year, and I've been on the pill since I'm 15. Do you guys think maybe it's the specific pill I'm on, since I've been on Generess Fe for about a year? Or do you think it's just my biological clock ticking at 22?

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