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Entertain me with your evil fantasies

I can’t get off of Drumpf’s mailing list (bc I was going to go to the rally in Chicago and had to give my email address to get tickets), and today got the below email. If you won a coffee date with Ivanka Drumpf, what would be your evil fantasy of what would happen on that date??? Don’t feel like evil fantasies, tell me your earnest fantasy about what you would try to impress upon her.

Ivanka Trump


Would you like to join me for coffee sometime soon?

Your campaign contribution of $3 today will automatically enter you to win a chance for a trip to campaign headquarters at Trump Tower to sit down for coffee with me.

My father knows that it’s people like you who will drive our campaign to victory. You and millions of other Americans are fed up with a government that isn’t listening to you anymore.

Well my father is listening to you, he is speaking up for you, and I would be glad to meet you in person, getting your thoughts on the campaign and how we can turn our country around.

Your trip (and the coffee) is on us. You don’t need to bring anything other than your ideas about winning the White House and making America great again.

So contribute $3 to automatically enter for a chance to win today.

Good luck, Woodle. Maybe you and I will meet real soon! I’ll let you know.


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