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so yesterday (Saturday I guess?) I couldn't sleep, and at like 3 am I did this:

at 8 am my dad picks me up for church ( I go with him every Sunday in support of his recovery- he's a bad ass). He sees me and starts laughing.


Me: what?

Dad: oh nothing Red. You look great actually. That color flatters. You look like that cartoon girl who had a band and had to fight the bad band. (I think he meant jem?). I just think we should make a quick stop and see how brave you are.

Me(confused): where?

Dad: your mom's place. I'd love to see her face right now. I'll like to skip the lecture about you being a pretty girl and trying to mess it up with tattoos and piercings and pink hair, but the face- yeah- I'd pay to see her face when she sees that... She cried when you did that last time. (Continues laughing)


We did not wake up my mom-went to church, where I got many compliments.

I love my dad.


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