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Entertainment for the housebound?

Hi GT, I need some ideas.

My mom was recently diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer that has spread to the vertebrae in her neck and also to her brain. She’s wearing a neck brace and is prone to dizziness (the cause of which is unclear) and is pretty much confined to her recliner at the moment.

She is bored and frustrated because apparently you CAN watch too much TV. And the medications she’s taking make other things difficult, like her Warcraft obsession or needlework, both of which take concentration that she just doesn’t have right now.


So aside from television and reading, what sorts of things could my mom try that wouldn’t be physically taxing, too expensive, or require a lot of brainpower? I am at a loss, and it’s doubly hard because I live 400 miles away and just can’t physically be there.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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