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Entertainment Weekly 1/17/14 thoughts

Gone Girl is on the cover but a rather short kinda 2 page article on the movie.

Movies for 2014

a) New 300 movie I will see.

b) Jersey Boys I will definately see. Who doesn't like the music of Four Seasons sadly Eastwood is the director


c) Big trend this year could be blockbuster films for Teabagger Fundies. Ridley Scott has cast Christian Bale as Moses in movie Exodus. Russell Crowe is playing Noah in the movie Noah by the director of Black Swan.


d) Why must all the good upcoming shows be on Premium channels? Blah. Penny Dreadful looks so good its on Showtime.


e) No way in hell will I watch a TV series by M Night S. One hit wonder and his movies stink like The Village, The Happening (beyond belief dumb) and the movie about crop circles.

f) Star Wars Rebels is on Disney XD and its between movies 3 and 4. A cartoon. I so want a live action, actually wasn't there suppose to be one?



a) Well an ad for the new Carpathian series. Really do folks still read this series? I got bored in book 5. The love scenes are so over the top bad.


Also no review for this week's movie Hercules. I was debating seeing it.

Lady Edith is in the middle of this weeks Bullseye and she is compared to Carrie Bradshaw.

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