Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Not here obviously. But have people forgotten 2010 and the teabagger surge in the state houses, governorships and US House? Have folks forgotten what happens when they sit on their rears and not vote? How the hell can their be an enthusiasm game again this year that mirrors 2010? Do people think the republicans won't be that bad in 2014? Are folks that delusional? Republicans are ready and enthused about voting why not democrats?

Obviously all people here on GT and Jezebel are enthused. Yet how about your democratic friends? Coworkers? Classmates? Family? Enthuse them to vote. So sick of republicans having the enthusiasm edge. I do partly blame talk radio and Fox but still lets not use that as an excuse. Vote! Vote! Vote! VOTE! Remember a Republican Senate means 0 things getting done beyond a zillion votes to repeal ACA and blocking President Obama's picks for courts etc. Statehouses going to republicans MEANS teabag control.


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