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"Entitled Kids" Post on the MP

Hot damn, are there some commenters really, REALLY angry about kids not getting Christmas presents. Let's discuss here in Happy Town. I already dismissed one that called this child abuse (I would have responded had they not also started the comment with, "you fucking idiot").

So, in short, some parents have decided their kids are bratholes and they have decided to "cancel Christmas" - what they are really doing is not giving the kids presents and making them do some community service-y stuff. Tracy Moore is railing against it and I have yet to figure out her MAIN problem, but she essentially thinks that because these kids are products of their shitty parents, they shouldn't be punished in this way...

...because...punishing kids is bad parenting? Or what?

I am perfectly open to opposing viewpoints here, but if their kids are being entitled about Christmas gifts, and you want to teach them not to be shitheads, isn't this kind of the way to do it? Like, what do you want, Tracy?


I do have criticisms about it, of course - for one, doing something extreme at Christmas is not going to turn your children into good people. I imagine this will need to come with some extra parenting throughout the year - although I bet the kids will remember this shit. Also? Putting a blog post out there to show how noble you are, how much you understand the *true meaning* of Christmas is a little blegh.

But seriously? We are supposed to vilify these parents for deciding their kids don't deserve to get the shit spoiled out of them this year?

I am not, by any means, an advocate of being a total disciplinarian of a parent in order to mold your child into a good person. Nor do I advocate these parents berating their children and calling them lazy or entitled all the time (I'm not saying that they do - just that I hope they don't). But come on. Not getting showered in shit you don't need? That hardly counts as abuse, and for many kids it's reality.

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