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Hi all, I have not posted much lately but I just had to rant:

I work as a writing coach/English tutor at a small, relativly uknown private university. The combination of high tuition and low notoriety make it a haven for rich underachievers. Unfortunately, although many of the students are very sweet and a delight to work with, there are some with an almost comical, 80s brat-pack-movie level of entitled assholery. I worked with one such student today.

He came in seven minutes late for a 30 minute appointment (after missing one entirely last week and being fifteen minutes late for a previous appointment) and then lamented about how he needed more time and how other schools he has gone to had writing tutoring appointments with unlimited time (doubtful); he met my questions about what part of his essay he wanted to work on with dramatic eye rolls and "you are the expert" and just kept saying he wanted it to be "on point" so he could "get an A"; he was visibly annoyed when I would not let him email it to me so I could take time outside of work to edit it for him; he argued with every piece of advice I gave him, claiming I did not understand the instructions (he had not given me a prompt and just kept saying "it's a research paper" when I pressed him for more information, so I suppose he was technically correct on this one...the advice I gave was still relevant unless the prompt was "string together a lot of quotes without context") and that he knew APA better than me because he read "a lot of dissertations" (a word I think he does not understand since he used it interchangably with "main argument"/"thesis" and "research paper"); then he started insulting my doctoral program (I brought it up because I was trying to assure him I am intimately familiar with APA) because it is an Ed.D. rather than a Ph.D. and it is at a state school not a private university. I finally shut him up by explaining that I only applied to one program because I wanted that one program and now I am in that one program so I am happy.


On the plus side, when I told my boss about the appointment she said that if he acts that way again I should just let him know I will not be working with him any more and show him the door. I appreciate supervisors who protect their staff...

Anyone else have stories to share? What entitled assholes/insufferable crazies do you all work with?!

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