Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm having a bad day, for no particular reason whatsoever. I slept fine. I'm not sick. I'm on a particularly annoying work task, but I've been in worse spots before. The kids are doing fine. It's Christmas, and that's stressing me out a bit, but we have a plan.


Still, I grumpy with my husband because he dared to be sick today (which impacts my plans in no way whatsoever). I nearly sold my daughter because she walked up to me and said 'Mom' and had no follow-up (she just wanted my attention). The dog wanted to go out and didn't actually DO anything, and I was furious even though it was nice outside and I had coffee and, once again, this wasn't impacting my life in any horribly inconvenient way.

What the fuck, bad mood? GO AWAY. Life isn't that bad, ffs.

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