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Epic Documentary- On Netflix Now!

This is my Labor Day!

Man Of Soup is unfortunately very excited about the release of Grand Theft Auto Bajillion. Because the game is so expansive, your character can indulge in myriad hobbies while you shoot up the city and crash cars. One of them is yoga, which will engage your chi after you murder a prostitute. On our way back from Trader Joes today, he shows me a screen cap of the yoga your character can do. While looking for a link, I see they posted about it on Kotaku today, so here it is.


Man of Soup thought it was hilarious, but I was supremely grossed out. More rampant objectification/women used as props in video games. Other people have written about the subject more eloquently than I can on this labor day. It resulted in a minor argument between us.

So I'm perusing Netflix, and after being delighted by Animal Odd Couples, I saw a documentary called Missrepresentation. It's a couple of years old, but it is fantastic and addresses the issues women/girls face due to women's representation/lack thereof in the media. Not only did it get my ire up and inspire me to be even more fucking awesome but it made Man of Soup rethink his stance in our argument this morning without me bringing it up again. Anyway, I highly recommend this documentary, it made me even more passionate about feminism (is that even possible?) and made me want to succeed in my job hunt even more. Did I mention I highly recommend it?


Edit- Freesampletheif pointed out that many people did not have the day off today. So I instead hope that everyone just had a good day regardless of having it off or not.

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