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Epic Games' Fornite Lawsuit Against 14 Year Old The Mother Needs To End His Youtube Acct

Maybe I am an oldster but is it really safe for a 14 year old to create videos on youtube? I remember about ten years ago a debate for the local paper if they should publish names of honor roll students, the decision was to let parents opt out.

Anyways Epic Games are suing a 14 year old for cheating on Fortnite with modded software. Yet its not the about the act of cheating itself but the 14 year old went on youtube, created a video on how he did it. Epic Games told him to take it down. He refused, lawsuit times.

I am sorry but his mother instead of sending a letter to Epic defending her son should have agreed to take the video down and close his account. Thats exactly what my mother would have done. I also would never have touched a computer unless it was for school work or her sitting next to me. The son was not just in the wrong but took no responsibility for it and did not do the right thing and take down the video. Epic Games was more then generous and patient.

If he cheated using the games own software like a secret code or exploiting a glitch that would be one thing. That is fine. Nope he used outside software to manipulate an online game and the software.

Instead the child learned he can cheat, break copyright laws and when giving a reasonable out you can thumb your nose at it. Yes I realize on the internet copyright laws is ignored a lot but it does not make it right. The boy was also taught never back down even when wrong. This we know can cause great harm. Just look at Trump.


This is also why if you have a child in your home monitor what they are doing. I doubt there would be a lawsuit if he was. An adult at home would have told him “take down that video”.

The youtube video needs to go and settle the case for $500 along with lifetime ban from all Epic games. $500 and lifetime ban would send a message to all users who may be tempted.


If he had just cheated a lifetime ban would have sufficed. That video then refusal to take it down I have to side with Epic games. He crossed the line by creating a video telling folks how to do it then doubledowned on it. Epic Games really had no choice but to sue. $150k is absurd maybe a $1k for an adult but a child $500, at 14 he clearly should have known it was wrong.

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