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Epic Rage: End of School/Sugar Withdrawal Edition

So, have you ever had a fellow student in a college class that maybe you just didn't mesh with so much? Easy enough solution, just avoid them/don't sit by them. Then, without warning, around the end of the semester, their face began to look like a bullseye just waiting for your fist? Yeah...

There is a woman in my government class who has been grinding my gears for awhile now. She's a very vocal tea party supporter. Every time we see an image of Obama on a slideshow she lets out this Gretchen Wieners-style "EWWWW." She spoke out very loudly last week against the right to have an abortion because "stupid women should know better than to not use protection." (WOMEN. YES, WOMEN. IT IS ALL OUR FAULT FOR GETTING PREGNANT, AS THIS IS CLEARLY SOMETHING ONLY WE OURSELVES CAN FACILITATE. It's not like there's a penis involved in there somewhere that could accept some responsibility or anything. Also I GUARANTEE you this chick is also vehemently against sex education. Fucking texas.)


Today was sort of priceless though. Our discussion question from the professor was the following: Percentage of adult Americans with a high school diploma or greater has more than doubled from 42% to 86% in the past 65 years. Do you think this has shifted culture in any significant way?

Her answer: "I think the spread higher education is bad because people in the 40's had morals and could work hard and they didn't need school to have a job. Now you need school to get a job and also students today are REALLY LAZY."

Soooo...way to shame your own generation, huh, kid? WHILE YOU'RE IN A COLLEGE CLASS? With your lazy unfounded opinions, blind worship of Fox News and cold blooded fear of anyone who has cracked a book in the past 10 years? Good job.

So glad there are only 2.5 weeks left in the semester. I almost blew a gasket.

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