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mind the gender pay gap - today is equal pay day in Germany. Leading naturally to publicity stunts and lots of coverage across all media. Germany has a big gender pay gap at an unadjusted 21%. I’m not entirely sure where the adjusted one lies - unadjusted does only account for the difference in hourly pay between men and women over all, not the pay gp adjusted for industry, education, working part time, experience etc. Here’s the link to the EU’s gender pay gap.

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BVG (Berlin public transport) gives women the option to pay 21% less for their tickets today while men still have to pay full price (this is not enforceable by law). What they wanted to do is point men into the feeling of being treated unfairly just because of their gender, to get their attention that this is a real problem and needs to be adressed at all levels. The Guardian has a nice article about it and of the inevitable backlash.


When is equal pay day in your region? Is there any publicity around it?

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