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Do other people worry about these things? Because I worry about these things. And these and these and these, while I'm at it.

As a [redacted] year old woman with a two year old doctorate, I worry about these things a lot. That same woman is terrified that her own wedding - a happy affair scheduled for later this week - is the seal of death on a career she's literally sacrificed a decade of her life for.


Slate.com (first link) suggests it's not an irrational fear. Married women work less - go shorter distances - than their married male counterparts. I want tenure. I need tenure. I MUST HAVE a tenure-track position. (With me, like many academics, ambition is not just a quirk. It's a way of life.)

As a half of a two-body problem [links 3 and 4], this is an issue we can both relate to, and he's very supportive. Support can only go so far in counteracting this irrational feeling that when I sign that marriage license, I am also, in a sense, signing away something we've worked equally hard to achieve.

If we decide to have little two-body problems? His likelihood of earning a tenure track position (and eventually tenure) do not change. Mine diminish - and according to recent studies, it's not by a small figure. Y'know, unless male uteri are a thing science is working on. (My doctorate is not in science or mathematics, in case you didn't gather that.) I am skeptical.

I wanted this to be witty and amusing but somehow can't find the energy to do so. I am a doctor. And I want to be a wife. And it sucks that right now, in 2013, I feel like I have to choose between the two.


Edited to add: übertrout! (academics use the ümläut.)

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