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ERMAHGERD I'm Going to Lose My Mind!

That student that I wrote a post about last week? Well, of course she didn’t fucking register with the access center for her test tomorrow.

For reference:


We have a student access center that administers test and exams for students who need accomodation. One of the parts I didn’t say in the last post was that she DELAYED her last test because she wanted to write it there, but then couldn’t because she wasn’t registered with them for long enough (you have to register to write your test 5 working days before your test).

When I was getting my other student’s who write with the Access Center’s tests ready earlier today, I noticed that she was NOT on the list, and I wasn’t going to fucking run after her to remind her to register BECAUSE THAT IS NOT MY JOB.

So of course I check my email tonight and, lo and behold, she’s sent me a last minute email wanting extra time because she forgot to register for her test.

I CAN NOT EVEN. I don’t know what to do, I am so fucking done. What I want to say is “Sorry, too bad, you needed to register beforehand with the access center - you’ve known for two weeks that you had this test coming up - I have been more than accommodating and do not have the means this time to give you extra time on the test*” but I know that that will result with her not showing up or freaking out and bawling in the middle of the test disrupting everyone.



*This is kinda true, I have another student writing a test early for another one of my classes because he will be away at a sports tournament (he was nice and responsible and asked last week and followed up today to remind me). It’s going to be such a huge PITA to find her another spot to write the test, since he’ll be taking up the makeup room.

ETA: I sent her an email saying no, because she did not register with the Access Center. Not 5 minutes later, I get a panicked message. I stood my ground: it was clear from messages sent back and forth that she understood that there was a 5 day booking, and it is her responsibility to navigate the system. Also, emailing the night before a test is not an acceptable time frame to ask for an accommodation. She will be in tears in my office tomorrow, so I’ll be steeling myself for the fallout.


ETA2: MOAR EMAILS. “I’m human and I make mistakes. I’m going through a lot. If I don’t pass this class, I won’t be able to switch into my program next semester”. Answered (totally paraphrased): “You had ONE THING you had to do. You did not do it. It is not my responsibility to ensure you pass the class. My decision will not change”. Dear christ I’m annoyed.

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