Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

A lightbulb burned out and it blew the entire circuit. It didn't trip the breaker but about five electrical outlets are no longer working. It seems to me that a lightbulb burning out shouldn't cause this to happen and now I think I'm going to burn in a fiery blaze in my sleep. Anyone know anything about electrical work? Am I going to die?

My landlord does everything himself. I'm kind of terrified about that since he half asses everything while drinking Budweisers... and this sounds like the sort of thing where you need to bust into walls to fix. I need to call the Housing Coalition and see if I can withhold rent over this, we're moving out in two months and I sincerely doubt they'll get this fixed before then... now we have no functioning exterior light and have extension cords running hither and thither.


And so much for getting my security deposit back, that's not going to happen if we withhold rent.

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