I am still hard at work on my soon to be self-published (well, duh) mummy erotica, tentatively titled "The Mummy Rises," (sorry, I keep commenting about it, but I am unemployed and it's all I do now) and I mentioned it to my neighbor. She scampered into her apartment and brought out a worn copy of Erotica From Penthouse III: "as real, as sexy as it gets- the hottest field reports from the outer limits of human passion." Dudes, the outer limits. I have been using it to research sex writing (despite having a Susie Bright book on How to Write Erotica and a Best American Erotica Anthology). I am going for the novelty dollar that mosterotica can garner, so I wanted something more commonplace and less literary. I got this:

Beth came out with a big smile on her face and said, "I'm excited about the party tonight." She had wavy blonde hair with some extra mousse in it to make it really stiff. She had a light, flawless complexion and the cutest little nose which turned up at the end. It reminded me of my penis, which was starting to get erect.

I think I am feeling better about my writing. It's not art, but it's also not penis nose.