Well hello there,

been a while.

I've been able to post from my phone, but not my computer with the nice, full, easy to use keyboard. Apparently ALL of your third party cookies have to be disabled in chrome - kinja doesn't even let me use the exception list.

Which, =(

Between that and being a busy student, I am such a GT lurker.

Anyhow, I thought there may be some interest in the fact that I just ordered not one, not two, but THREE dresses from EShakti. I remember seeing people recommend them here before, and I thought I would put my hat in the ring. I am super excited to see how these turn out! I am graduating in May, and need two nice(ish) dresses to wear.


I am a first time customer, so I had $40 off, free customizations, buy two get one free, and 10% off! My total was about $160. I am pretty close to one of their standard sizes, so we'll see how it goes.



Ironically, I ordered this knee-length, making the dress name inaccurate.


I bought this also in knee-length.


And this in (you guessed it!) knee-length and sleeveless. I like the sleeves, but felt like it would be odd for my purpose? Dunno.

So, GT - How are you? And do you like EShakti? Or are you waiting for the right event to try it out, like me?