Today is the last day of the Eshakti 70% off sale. Unfortunately, nothing there is really catching my eye. But, if you are looking for a dress, they have some great ones. I have 4 of them from there and they all fit great, are high quality material, and I get tons of compliments. My current favorite is the Fall Floral Print Jersey Dress, though I can't decide if it is more "ugly grandma tablecloth" or "Von Trapp Family Curtains", either way the fit is amazing and the jersey fabric is really thick; I wore a black bra under it last time I wore it, and you couldn't see it.

If you are a new shopper to them, give me your email address, either here or to, and I can send you a referral email that should get you another $30 off.

I've got a $30 off eshakti gift code to somebody, I don't think it is specific to me and can be used by anybody, though it probably can't be used more than once, so I guess first come first serve. It is KC64T82Y. If you try and use it and it doesn't work, let me know and I'll remove it from this post.