I just received my first eShakti order, which I placed less than 2 weeks ago (1/27), and I'm really impressed! My dresses ("Candy Crush Crepe" & "Alice" fit well and meet expectations. I am terrible at selfie-ing my outfits, otherwise I'd post them.

I'd ordered on whim after the company emailed to say that my previously-expired $25 coupon had now become a $35 coupon and the mobile site had an additional 25% off. My total was about $65 for two cute dresses cut for my actual height and body, which is kind of a miracle as a 12/14P!


I just found a Groupon for eShakti and I am very excited and I know Groupthink will be, too!

P.S.: This sounded so much more like an advertorial than I meant it to. Nobody at eShakti or Groupon paid me to be so excited.

P.P.S.: DHL is the only way to get shipments from eShakti, and requires a signature. You can leave a note, but it was frustrating.