Lately it seems like both my liberal hippy, but MOSTLY all of my conservative Christian friends are ridiculously into essential oils. No joke, I see several posts a week on Facebook about people ordering from Young Living (mostly) or doTerra and saying things like "OMG WE NEVER GET SICK ANYMORE!!!! PRAISE THE ESSENTIAL OILS!!!!" I've tried using Teh Googles to figure out WTF is going on and why this is suddenly the Next Best Thing To Not Vaccinating Your Child, but.... the only info I can really find is on mommy blogs (se claims of "WE NEVER GET SICK IT'S SO AMAZING"), a letter on the FDA website stating that Young Living needed to stop making dramatic medical claims, and a spattering of studies that are like, "meh, no real evidence here but also there were 2 participants."

Am I the only one who's Facebook feed is blowing up with this stuff? Does anyone here use essential oils or know WTF is suddenly going on?