Whatchu think, baby-preventers? I’m looking to shut down my baby making capacity in a serious way. I’m scheduling an appointment to look into Mirena, but Paraguard lasts longer but then I have heard Paraguard is a beast so I’m not sure I want to deal with that...then I came across Essure. Does anyone know anything about it? Have any experience with that or anything else they’d like to share?

It’s like, a little implant that is supposed to be forever. Forever seems GREAT to me. My husband has offered to get a vasectomy and I fully support him in that endeavor, but I really, really, really want to exert some level of control over my OWN body and its ability to get pregnant. It’s a pretty emotional thing for me. Him getting a vasectomy still means I can get pregnant via rape or if (heaven forbid) we weren’t married anymore. I have good insurance and I want to take care of this before I quit my job.