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Does anyone remember what Jezzie/GTer was talking about her issues with Essure years ago? It was an awful, harrowing experience for her that caused a huge number of health problems, and I thought of her today. Because this happened:

From Teen Vogue:

‘Essure, a form of birth control, is just one of the devices covered in the trailer for The Bleeding Edge. An investigation by Refinery29 found that women were lead to believe Essure was an easy and effective form of long term birth control, but some have reported severe side effects. The birth control device was marketed to women as the only “non-incisional” option for sterilization. The small implant, consisting of two coils, sits in the fallopian tube, which develops scar tissue. That way sperm is not able to reach the egg. Bayer, the company that owns Essure, boasted about the ease and safety of the device, but nearly 36,000 “E-Sisters” had taken to a Facebook group to compare stories with each other about complications they say are related to the use of Essure.


According to the New York Times, 16,000 lawsuits or claims have been filed by those that have allegedly been severely injured due to Essure. Bayer had discontinued the device across Europe, but now as The Bleeding Edge prepares to hit Netflix on July 27, Bayer has issued a statement that it will be discontinuing the product in the United States by the end of this year. According to the company the decision is due to decreased sales. The Times reports thats the company has “repeatedly denied that the implant is dangerous or caused injuries.”’

Somehow, a tiny piece of metal designed to create scar tissue WENT HORRIBLY AWRY WHO COULDA SEEN THAT COMING?

Burn it all down.

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