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I've been on an ethically made clothing quest for about six months. This means, that I am trying to not buy any clothes from "sweatshop" countries, instead purchasing things second hand from thrift stores, ebay and from brands/stores that I've researched. After reading the great article about the Bangladesh disaster this weekend, I'd like to crowdsource for brands that are made in the USA or first world countries and also brands that treat their workers ethically and work to improve work shop conditions.

Since I recently decided that I desperately needed a new bra, I did some research on lingerie brands. I'd buy from Clo Intomo lingerie as they source from family run shop in Colombia. Or, the designer Natori has her lingerie made in her homeland of the Philipines. Cosabella pieces are made in Italy and Hany Panky is a cute brand that is all USA made. (While I'm willing to pay the price for a well and ethically made bra, I'm still having a hard time deciding to pay $20 for a pair of panties, since if my dog finds them, they will end up half eaten.)


My other recommendations are for yoga/sweat/exercise wear. These are Stonewear designs and Gaiam.

My most recent find, which inspired this post, is Matatraders.com. The dresses are super cute, and my first level of investigation makes it seem like they're a pretty good site to order from.

I'd love to hear some more recommendations!

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