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I've checked back a few pages and don't think this has been linked before. This is an interview by YouTube gaming reviewer/blogger TotalBiscuit, with Kotaku's editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo. It does assume you already know what Gamergate is about, and that Kotaku was one of the prime targets of the campaign, but is still very interesting and informative.

Context: Totalbiscuit is a Big Name Blogger in the gaming community, who is mainly known for his "First Impressions" (as opposed to reviews) of video games. He's quite outspoken about ethics in journalism and at one point in the interview when the misogynist hate campaign against Quinn and Sarkeesian and others is brought up, he does that thing where he calls himself an egalitarian as opposed to a feminist (ugh).


The focus of the interview is on ethics in gaming journalism, which I'm kinda giggling as I type because it's become such a pat phrase now, and NOT the hate campaigns and misogynistic culture in gaming - although this does get touched on too. But it's a good interview, and TB actually lets Totilo carry most of the conversation and get his arguments across, which surprised me. So it's a good primer for people outside the gaming community who are interested in knowing more about this aspect of Gamergate,

Oh yeah, and it runs for 1 hr 40 minutes.

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