Ethnicities play a major part in health issues, like how Sickle Cell Anemia and Tay Sachs are pretty much only found in specific ethnicities. Am I wrong about that statement? Because there's a mainpager saying that those examples happen out of social issues or something and there's a ton of agreement with them so I am now confused. As a black person with relatives with the Sickle Cell trait, I know it's something that basically only affects people of African heritage because of the whole malaria thing. If any scientist/science smart GT people could give me a firm explanation, I would be thankful. I want to make sure my rage at mainpage GT is justified.

This isn't necessary to answer my question but if you want to know why I'm bringing it up, this is the thread. At some point the OP says "As for Sickle Cell Anemia - it does not affect all "black" people. Rather, it is more likely to occur in individuals who live in areas with high rates of malaria."

No one I know with the trait or with SCA lives in an area with high rates of malaria. Unless Indiana has just gotten insanely dangerous in the last couple of days. But these people happen to be black so I guess that's just random?