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Bring all of your random, large or small, etiquette/what should I do questions here! Or come and give etiquette advice to others :) Also - how do you feel about etiquette in general? Pointless rules, or helpful guidelines for people to navigate the world?

I have some maid of honor/wedding etiquette on behalf of my sister that I am curious what you think. What is the gift protocol for the maid of honor if the bride is having two bridal showers? The bride’s family is throwing her one that will be her family and friends, and then the grooms family is throwing the bride a shower that will be their side of the family (but not really the bride’s friends other than the MOH, my sister).

Does my sister have to bring a gift to each shower since she is attending both? We have discussed both bringing one smaller gift to each shower, but the registry does not lend itself well to that and doesn’t want her gifts to appear small or chintzy since there won’t be a lot of guest overlap between the two events and people won’t know she’s bringing two. I suggested buying only one gift and giving it to her at a separate time and not at either shower, but she is worried it will also look bad to not have a gift at all. What is the proper protocol here?


Also - if you are the MOH and are planning the bachelorette party, do you also have to bring a gift to the bachelorette party?

I have been a bridesmaid before, but only to incredibly chill brides, and never an MOH, so I’m not sure how yall would handle this. Please also note that a) my sister is student poor and b) the bride isn’t really someone my sister even likes very much (don’t get me started).

I should also mention that I suggested staying at home for one of them but my parents will be in town and staying with her while both are happening so she is actually just fine with the excuse to spend that time out of the house :)

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