Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I met my fiancee on OKCupid 10 million eons ago (5 years). At the time, we were both engaging in Trampages* and went on a million billion dates and hooked up with a million billion people and then just sort of stopped when we met each other. Romantic, huh?

I actually maintained touch with a few of those guys from my Trampage, but mostly via gchat and Facebook (and one in person, but we had mutual friends anyway). One of them who I haven't talked to in a while, but who I really got along with, messaged me because he moved back to town and wants to get a drink.


Fiancee doesn't seem to care, but I am worried I am sending a bad message if I agree. I also don't know when it is appropriate to blurt out I'M TAKEN YOU CAN'T HAVE ME. But I would like to be friends with this guy if that is what he's thinking. He's pretty easy-going; it's likely he just wants more friends.

Am I over-thinking this?

*Fiancee's alternate name for this phase in our lives is "Whorrication" but I don't like "whore" so I don't use that one, even though it's admittedly pretty great.

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