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Etiquette Q: When a friend is (allegedly) coming to stay

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Help me, GT? I'm in a pickle.

Friend: Hey, I'm going to have a work term in your town in September.
Me: Cool!
Friend: Can I stay with you for a few weeks?
Me: Of course!
Friend: Yay!
Me: Perfect. Let me know when you firm up travel so I can plan for your stay!


••••• A month goes by •••••

Me: Hey, buddy - haven't heard back in a while, are you still coming?

••••• Another month goes by •••••

Me: Hey, dude - any word on dates? September is next week!

••••• I will leave it one more week, but •••••


Please help me fill this in, GT, I seriously don't know if I'm allowed to rescind this offer since it's a work term and this person not having a place to stay would be really crap. But I am exceptionally pissed off and sorely tempted to park my anger at friends sucking ALL THE TIME THESE DAYS squarely in her front yard. Blarg.

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