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Etiquette Question

So in October, we are going to Disney World for my brother in law's wedding. We are military so going there is going to be significantly cheaper but it is something we have been saving up for since last fall.... My bil is already married to his wife. They already live together in a home. They are 35 years old. I argue that our presence is our present considering it is gonna cost us like 2,000 to go. My husband wants to buy something off their registry. I am against it because they never gave us a wedding present or a present for the birth of our daughter. I am not hating... I just think it isn't necessary to blow 100 on a present for them.. but instead put it to our disney trip to spend time with them instead.

What is the right etiquette here? They are DINK and we are a military family who are on a constant shoestring budget.


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