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Etiquette question

Quick question since we are having a family debate. Is it rude to announce your pregnancy at a friends wedding? My sister is going to the wedding of a former coworker (they were teachers at a school together) whom she hasn't seen in awhile. She's recently started sharing news of her pregnancy and was planning on telling people, including the bride , at the wedding - many of her social group including former students will be there so it's convenient. For me this seems a little rude- either she should have told the bride prior to the wedding and then told others there or she should not make a sort of scene stealing announcement. My biggest thing is that when someone tells you that you're very suddenly unexpectedly pregnant it requires a lot of emotional investment from the listener- lots of questions and congratulations and focus on the pregnant lady. This is fine, but not really what you want to force from a bride on her wedding day. Nor is it what you want all the guests focusing on- she was like I just know it will make all my students so happy! And I wanted to be like- they'll already be happy because their other teacher is getting married!

Thoughts? I have never been pregnant or married so I don't know if Im missing the ball but it seems like at the least she should have caught up with the bride first so the bride doesn't need to focus on her on the day, even outside of the whole scene stealing potential?


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