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Long story long, I wanted to get some monogrammed handkerchiefs for the S.O. He's a sweaty dude in the summer so I bought him a package of 13 and took them to a local shop (owned by a friend of my mother's) that ALL they do is monogram things.

Apparently, the "set up fee" and actual monogramming for 13 of them will be $130 (originally $260...).


This is not a shop that hand sews. They literally type his initials into the machine and press go and the machine sews a quarter sized monogram. The thread is pre-loaded. They pay a 16 year old girl to press the button and change items when it's easy things. Now, I'm all for paying good money for hand done items, or if I'm having a difficult item monogrammed like a canvas bag or something huge. But $130 bucks for 13 quarter size monograms seems a bit much, especially when they're machine done.

So, TL;DR, I'm looking at 2 different Etsy shops to get some additional ones (I'm going to the store today to get the blank ones back... sorry I'm not sorry.) But, one of them looks as if they are hand done by a lady out in California and the other one gets you one more handkerchief at a lower price but they are machine done.


Here are the 2 links:



Does anyone have strong opinions either way? Or a recommendation for another shop?

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