Just a bunch of stuff on Etsy I love right now, some of which I bought, some of which I’m going to buy. Etsy is my shopping heaven. It probably doesn’t need to be said but just in case, I’m not making any money off this post.

First this bag, which—credit where it’s due—I saw in the Muse comments today. Ugh I love leather:

Then these shoes, which are also leather, and yeah I want to smell them too:

Life can’t be all bags and shoes, so here’s some seashells that I’ve had on my list for like a year. My birthday was yesterday, so these are now happening:


Yes, I will wear this bright yellow thing. I will wear it all the time. Summer!

These are described as “Extravagant Grey Pants” and I completely agree. I also agree with how the crossover detail in front is perfect and I like that shirt a lot:


Big shift here to utilitarian sandals... I literally just got these in the mail last week. I have been wanting some replacement leather flip-flops since my pair purchased circa 2007 finally died completely. RIP old flops, long live flip flops:

Back to slightly fancier programming, this sort of backless caftan with a pink thing. I would NOT wear this with heels as shown, but I do live for flowy shit and this is that:


These are the things in my basket, most of them are from my fav shops (exception = that first bag). Etsy is the best.