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EU Heat & IUD question

As some of you have heard (from oldwomanyellsatclods) there’s a heatwave in Europe! YAY! I say yay because we’ve basically been in winter/fall clothes all spring and the start of summer and that sucked! So now we get to enjoy wearing dresses and skirts, being comfortable outside in the evening and generally see sunshine!

I also recently got an IUD and am not allowed to wear tampons for 1 week. This week. I desperately want to go swimming but I’m stil spotting from the IUD. Although my period ended as soon as I got the IUD, (which had only started a few hours earlier, HEYO) I have been spotting ever since. Extremely lightly but enough to wear a pantyliner (not pad or anything). I’ve basically had no cramps today so it’s definitely getting better, but still. Question time! : How long did you spot after getting an IUD?

(Also how weird is it when your doctor is looking up your vagina and going “Well you’re having a _Good_ period!” aka, a gross and disgusting one. I grinned, apologized and she was all “no no it’s a good thing!”. Still though. So weird.)


Any other other Europeans out there melting with the heat??

Our office is pretty good but the heat and the tiredness/hangover from last night (we ended up drinking beer & great wine until past midnight with work to celebrate moving to a new office) means me and my coworker break out into giggling/laughing fits every so often. Thanks St. Borg de Chupacabras for making me cry from laughing!

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