So talk about eurovision on Kta's post about the Iceland entry has got me listening to some of the other entrants for this year.

I have to admit that Eurovision is not something that I give an iota of a fuck about. In the UK, we used to have a national legend Terry Wogan narrate the final, and it was absolutely hilarious. The basic premise was: Mr Wogan would get absolutely HAMMERED and then make fun of absolutely everything (which of course always included our own terrible entry).

For various reasons, a number of my UK friends are very into Eurovision, and tend to have parties. In fact, a few of my friends actually attended last year's final (which I can never understand...).

So anyway, this year we've already seen the very pro-tolerance Icelandic entry via Kat. Everyone is of course hoping that Russia get's boo-ed off stage. I've checked out the UK entry and it is AWFUL. Like, so sickeningly tacky that I think I vomited slightly.

I then checked out the French entry (since that's where I am now) and was pleasantly surprised. It's very deliberately Euro-trash music (the kind of song I can imagine dancing on tables to at a ski resort in Austria). I actually really like it....

The only problem with the french entries is that due to internal politics they are ALWAYS going to be in french, which makes them less accessible for non french speakers (that said, my favourite song last year was in Greek, so...)


What do you guys think? Any other entries to look out for? I'll check out a few more this afternoon.

I've done a rough translation of the first half of the song, just to give non french speakers an idea of what the fuck they are talking about (it sounds way better in french...)


I miss something, but what,

I want this, I want that, when I sleep I dream in dollars (every day)

I have a new (???) at my house,

everything is new, everything is beautiful,

Everyone cries behind my curtains (I don't care)

I live on the last floor because I don't like my cleaner,

There is leather in my car, the smell of my aftershave,

I don't like to show my emotions in the weights room...blah blah blah...

I have everything it's true, but me I want a moustache

[I want to have a moustache]

I want this, I want's like this, it's like that...

etc etc.

I gave up for the second half as it's a pain in the arse having to pause it the whole time, but it's pretty much like that. I have everything you could want, but want a moustache.