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My mom used to make a wicked hot gingerbread. Your tongue would burn
from all the ginger .She offset that heat with blueberries baked in the loaf, ice cold sweet whipped cream, and covered it all with a hot lemon sauce. I tried to resurrect her recipe (she never shared it with anyone) using twice the spices in the cookbook and adding 2 cups of blueberries and 1/2 cup candied ginger chopped fine. I think I may need fresh ginger since the powdered spice came across poorly. It was okay but not the sweet mouth burning hot treat I remember from my childhood. I can’t even share a picture since my family finished it off overnight.


I tried to make one of these once. I think I nailed it.


I am excited to see the study of the history of gay life in Colonial Williamsburg. Non binary men and women have been written out of history. It is the legacy of any culture whose dominant religion is the morality police/enforcer for an imperial state. On that cheerful holiday note....

What recipes are you torturing trying out or even perfected? I am going to post a terrific cookie recipe I found in WaPo several decades ago. It makes tons of melt in your mouth lemon shortbread cookies. I’ve had pleas for the recipe from everyone who’s received them from me. Share your favs for anything you make in the kitchen.

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