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Even Kinja Thinks I'm Too Boring

I've been laying low lately, and reading Groupthink, but not writing much. I'm pretty jealous of all y'all. Threesomes, new jobs, traveling, etc. You are some interesting people with exciting lives. The most interesting thing that's happened to me lately is that my two-year-old shit in the hot tub. I'm not saying that I hate my life or anything, but...shit. In the hot tub. Gross.

Adding to my jealousy was the fact that I could not for the life of me post to Groupthink or my personal blog today. Like at all. For a while I couldn't even comment. I felt like I was being pushed away from the cool kids' table for not wearing pink or something.

Anywho, I had written a version of this post at 9:30, and I've attempted to post it all day, with witty commentary about all my feels as it continued to refuse to publish, but I lost all the ETAs, so now it's even more boring than before.


So, feel free to use this thread to further fuel my jealousy by regaling me with all the awesome stuff you do, or you could lament your perfectly mundane life. Or you can complain about what a heartless beast Kinja is for making me get out my computer to post this, instead of using my iPad.

ETA: Jesus Christ. I couldn't figure out how to log in because it's been so long since I've been on Kinja from my laptop. Someone just fucking come kick me in the ribs.

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