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My mother wanted to walk. I felt like Chinese food so we went to the mall. I was walking along the side which has lots of clothing stores one after the other. I looked in through the windows and noticed in the first store all white mannequins, second store same, third ditto, fourth the same. Fifth store had the name called something like White and Black Store this had all black mannequins. Next store back to all white. I then headed for Gamestop and my mother headed to, actually no clue, we met 45 minutes later. I hit Target and a comic store also.

I was sad about the mannequins. It implied that the clothing is for folks with white skin. I wonder if subconsciously the sellers are saying "hey look how these clothing contrasts with the white color of the mannequin you can use it as a guide for how it would look on you". Like the mannequin is used as a mirror for how they would look. For nonwhites it seems they are implying "well use your imagination on how it would look".

Maybe I am overthinking this. Not sure why stores do not have mannequins of various skin tones beyond vampire white and slightly off white like antique white.

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