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Even MORE Paint Recommendation Requests!

So the Cardinal and I have a new apartment, and we’ll be able to paint the walls — which I’m very excited about as this will basically be the second time in my entire life I’ve been allowed to choose any wall paint color. Humor me.

I made the mistake, however, of scouring interior design blogs and the current “thing” seems to be all about stark white walls that fashionable white people then dangle tattered American flags, Navajo blankets, metal hexagons, and animal skulls on. Which isn’t really our thing.


I actually do like the idea of BOLD COLOR, but how bold should BOLD COLOR be?

We’ll have a total of 5 closed-off rooms (2 bedrooms, 2 bath, 1 very small “den”), and then an open-space kitchen that flows into the living room by way of an intermediary area that could sort of be used as a dining room. Instead, I want to use that area for our turntable table instead, as we can just use the kitchen counter as a “breakfast bar” (I hate that phrase, so let’s call it the Lunch Counter instead or something). Similar to one of these, but ours is better:

Technically I guess you could say we like a ‘60s aesthetic, but not quite as starkly “midcentury” as appears to be popular right now (or a couple of years ago)

So here’s what I’m thinking:

For our bedroom, I want to go with a nice, rich purple. But I do want to know if anyone thinks that this might become too dark or too overwhelming over time. This is the color we’re looking at:


I’m worried that it may be a little “overwhelming,” especially if we’re not 100% about furniture just yet.

2nd bedroom I have no real idea, except that I want to use it as a “TV room” for the time being, but I’m not sure what would work for that.


Bathrooms I’m completely blank on. They have a little bit of yellow-whiteish tile, but I feel like the pale blue/cream thing might be my best bet.

For the “den,” I want to make that a reading room of the silliest order, so I’m going with this color:


But finally, the real question is — what to do with a living room/music room/kitchen/hallway mish-mash? Should that maybe just be a stark, plain white?

I feel like I’m asking too many questions, but maybe it’s best if I ask you to give me a feel for how many bold vs. not bold colors/rooms I should go with, or how you might arrange your own palette.

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