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Even the birthplace of Nazis is concerned

I spend a lot of time in the city where the Nazis (as we know them because the original group did not refer to themselves as Nazis) were born. If you walk the streets of Munich and know where to look, you can still see buildings with guns shot marks on the facade. They are conscious decisions made by the people here to never forget what happened. All kids learn about the Holocaust and it is spoken about honestly, in plain language, if spoken about at all.

And Jezzies, they are deeply disturbed by what is going on in America.

I spoke with a German woman today and she said, “after banning people from entering, the next step is taking away their property,” and it sent chills down my spine. A guy that I knew who used to give historic tours through the city about the 3rd Reich explained Hitler’s rise to power thusly,


“You know how politicians promise things to get elected and never fulfill them? Well he did. And his policies were good for the economy. So even if you were to complain, people would ask you if you wanted things to be like before, when there was hyperinflation and starvation.”

I honestly think Trump is going to make a certain group of people a lot of money. And judging by the dow jones ( I heard stocks have been good recently, so feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken), there are many others who think so as well. And he is keeping many of his campaign promises. So it frightens me and should disturb others that we Americans are currently following Hitler’s playbook so closely. Like, the Final Solution is called that because it was the final step, meaning there were several others before it. And we’re already taken them

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