How’s your evening, GT?

We’re hosting guys’ night at our place. Mostly, they stay in the basement, but occasionally, they come up the stairs to ask me questions. Tonight, I was asked:

1) Do you want cheese on your burrito? (Uh, yeah!)

2) What do I think about circumcision? Do I know anyone who’s uncircumcised? Should Homey’s friend get his son circumcised?

3) Is it true that Insane Clown Posse is really religious? “Cuz Homey said they’re religious!”

ETA: Questions of my own for GT!

Any favorite audiobooks? I’m eyeballing an Audible account hard but trying to decide what I’d like to listen to.


I’m cleaning out junk and I found a couple of plastic boxes that our iPods came in. I’m thinking of recycling them but if anyone has any clever uses for them, I’d rather reuse. Any ideas?