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Evening OT

Hey, All, how’s your Monday?

This is the last week of our regular classes for spring; next week is finals week. Stuff is actually feeling pretty manageable—so confusing! I know that things are managed because, when I got home today, I had enough energy to get dinner going, load up the dishwasher, take out the trash, fold some laundry, and start another load.

Usually, I get home and hit the couch so yay me!

Also, a stupid, funny story from today:

Across the street from us lives an older couple, whose last name is Smith. Mr. Smith is obsessed with his front lawn being a pristine carpet of green. He runs his leaf blower multiple times per day and blows his leaves into the street; also, if branches or twigs drop off their tree, he’ll throw those into the street, too. It annoys Homey to no end. I get why it bugs him but I just love the Smiths—they were so welcoming when we moved in and are still so friendly and they’re just this cute little old couple... I just love them. Can’t help it.


Anyway, today, Homey was driving up the street and Mr. Smith, not looking, threw a biggish branch into the street, nearly hitting Homey’s car.

Homey comes into the house, all huffy, and says, “I know you love the Smiths but I hate that guy!”

I look at him, wondering where the hell this came from (he doesn’t even listen to The Smiths), and go, “Morrissey? Everyone hates him.” :D

Anyway, how’s your Monday? What’s on the vagenda for the rest of the week?

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