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Evening OT

Hey y’all! How is everyone? Any good plans tonight??

I am trying to to find something to watch, but I don’t know what I think I want... Suggestions? I’m staying in tonight, which is really unlike me, but I don’t feel like doing much and I’m still slightly mopey because of my boo kitty being put down yesterday. My sister decorated a cool box and it is awesome. I wasn’t at the vet with them, but my sis held her the whole time and boo kitty went peacefully. We are all saddened, but relieved.

I got some work done today, and I am loving the new job! I think I will be great at it because one thing I’m excellent at is people, and I’m an executive recruiter as of Monday, so it’ll swell!


Today was cool. My aunt just left here and left me a sweet potato pie (better than pumpkin - fight me), so now I’m chilling. I’m thinking maybe I’ll start a new anime since I’m caught up on Food Wars. What should I start?! Alternatively, I could watch Samurai Champloo again - it IS my favorite ever after all.

Anyway, enough of me rambling! Talk amongst yourselves.

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