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What’s up tonight?

I’m in my night class, fighting to stay awake. Cat woke me up every hour, on the hour last night, and I finally got up around 5am to go to work. 19 days until graduation and only one more super long Monday left- next Monday is my last night class, thank jeebus.

Anyone get anything good for cyber monday? I got a little L’Occitane hand care set for my cousin. I only have a few more gifts to buy/make, mostly for the men in my family, who all claim to not want anything. (grrrrrr, they’re all getting something, why can they not just tell me what they want? Make it easy on both me and you, you get what you want, I spend less time stressing about what to get you!) That being said, I think I might make some homemade irish cream for them.


I had therapy today and bawled my eyes out because nobody tells you how unexpectedly terrifying it is when things are going relatively smoothly in your life, and you’re getting the things you want after a long period of struggle. Overall it was good, I just need to remember to set my appointments for days when I can go home and eat, then pass out immediately after.

I’m currently day dreaming about what to eat after I’m done with this class- I’m still doing whole30 for the most part. Definitely going to do another proper round in January when I can stick to it fully. It’s super difficult when I’m barely at home. I’m obsessed with buffalo wings lately and tempted to go get some from this new place I just tried in town, that I’ve already been to twice in the past week and a half.

Chat about whatever.

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