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Evening ot

I’m ready to go home and eat some pasta. What’s cooking tonight GT? Anything on the evening agenda?

I did cardio again this morning and officially signed up for the gym. Yay! I’m super tired and muscle achy, so I think I’m going to check out a yoga class there tomorrow night. I’m stoked.

I have this friend I set a boundary with today. It sucks and I didn’t want to hurt her but... I really felt like I needed to say something. I care for her very much but she is a little bit of an energy suck at times and wants emotional care that I can’t continue giving at the rate I was and have it be healthy. I’ve had to learn to preserve my emotional energy for my job (and really for myself first before my work). Cliffs notes version is that she kept referring to moving in with me/being roommates without really asking me outright. i.e. “I can move to (my town) for (job or schooling she is considering) and we can live together!”


I’m 30, I’ve lived alone for a number of years and I can’t do the roommate thing again...plus, she has three animals, including one super high energy puppy and I’ve got an overweight senior cat with anxiety issues. Not a good mix.

I told her today that it was nothing personal against her but that I preferred living alone and didn’t see myself sharing a place with someone again (before marriage/cohabitation with a romantic partner).

I’m hoping she can understand. I know I can’t control how she takes it, but my internal people pleaser is having a moment. 

What’s up with y’all?

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